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  •  What is the DLC? (4.00)
    What does this organization do anyway?  I mean, apart from criticize Democrats.  Raise money from large corporate contributors?

    The DLC does not deserve credit for Clinton.  He made them famous, not the other way around.  If Ross Perot hadn't run in 1992, we wouldn't be talking about either one of them.

    The DLC has done nothing to get Democrats elected to the White House or a majority in either house of the congress.  It has done nothing to develop a Democratic opposition agenda that would function as an opposition to the Republicans' God, Family, Military Spending, Low Taxes and Less Regulation.  And how about registration?  Does the DLC register voters?  Help them to organize?

    So I ask again.  Besides appearing on television news shows to criticize Democratic candidates and officials, what does the DLC do?

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