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  •  And another thing... (none)
    Al Gore was never part of the DLC. Just because he was Clinton's Vie President does not mean he was a DLC member.

    So really both losing candidates you offer up are not DLC members.

    This isn't meant to say the DLC should be running the party but the fact is the DLC is 2-0 in Presidential elections. You can say a ton of bad things about the DLC and Kos hit on most of them but you can't say they didn't deliver in the Presidential races.

    I have no problem with people taking shots at the centrists in our party but at least get the facts straight.

    •  Gore and Carter (none)
      Were both DLCers

      This aggression will not stand, man

      by kaleidescope on Mon May 24, 2004 at 07:51:01 AM PDT

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      •  No (none)
        Jimmy Carter was never a DLC member. The group wasn't founded until 1985 five years after he lost. He has never been a member after that in any official capacity.

        Al Gore also has never officially been a member of the DLC.

        Go to their website and look at the membership. It's not a secret society its all right there. I've been a member since 1991 and I'm telling you Al Gore was never DLC.

        •  You are showing your ignorance (none)
          Gore was a founding member...the DLC being the opportunists that they are dumped Gore after his loss and went sniffing the butts of the right wing wackos.
          •  Gore did not found the DLC (none)
            Maybe he's lumping that in with inventing the internet.

            There may have been a time Gore supported the DLC but he has never been an active member or leader within the organization.

            •  Like I said are showing your ignorance (none)
              "He was a founding member of the DLC, and is still moderate on trade, economic policy and other issues," said a former senior advisor to Gore. "I don't see much that's changed since 2000. What's different is the atmosphere."


            •  This Is There MO (none)
               They are jettisoning Holy Joe because he is a loser, just like they blamed Gore's defeat on "the people versus the powerful." It takes my breath away that so called Democrats would stoop to the " I invneted the Internet" slander trademarked by those amoral pieces of filth sucklling at Murdoch's teat. FOR THE RECORD, GORE NEVER SAID IT.

               But there is something very Stalinist about these folks. When a Democrat loses its because he wasn't enough of  pro-business tax cutter. And he or she is savaged personally. And when a Wellstone comes along, well its just whacked out liberal Minnesota. The reason populist Dems can't win in the South is that the DLC always funnels Wall ST and K ST money to their preferred candidates, and labor is nonexistent down there. They do everything they can to stack the deck. and then say "See, we told you that mushy headed liberalism of universal healthcare is sooo 1970."

              Put the jam on the bottom shelf, so the little man can reach it. Sen. Ralph Yarborough (D-TX)

              by yellow dog on Mon May 24, 2004 at 03:28:45 PM PDT

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      •  Gore was but Carter wasn't (none)
        Carter wasn't a DLCer. Gore however most definitely was a member of the DLC.

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