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  •  Me like... (none)
    the new and improved Kos!!!!!

    Why didn't Kerry catch on until he co-opted Dean's rhetoric?


    The real question is... Why the hell is Kerry now taking on the rhetoric of Lieberman?...yunno the guy that always got boo'ed at the Democratic Debates, whose positions on issues didn't catch on to nary a Dem voter even the conservative ones.

    •  Rhetoric of Lieberman (none)
      I must have missed the press conference where Kerry said that nobody should care about Abu Ghraib because Americans died on 9/11 and in Falluja.
      •  Did you miss (none)
        Kerry falling overhimself to back BUSH and Sharons plan for perpetual war in the Middle East. Or...the one in which Kerry says he is not a redistribution Democrat...or perhaps his feeble remarks in support of pro-choice.

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