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  •  Holy Joe (none)
    Joe's position on Caspian Oil, Iraq and Israel is identical to Richard Perle's.  There is not one iota of difference anywhere between them.

    Joe is on the outs because he has revealed himself to be a supporter not just of the principle of verifiably disarming Saddam, but of making proxy war on the Russians in Chechnya, Georgia, Dagstan, Azerbaijan, and now Uzbekistan.

    This is the avowed policy of the US-Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce, the Heritage Foundation, the CSIS, and the Israelis.

    And it is this policy, carried out behind the backs of Congress, using retired intelligence officers and hired mercenaries, that has caused this country to come under massive attack, to get mired down in Iraq, to neglect the Middle East peace process, the become and international pariah, and to, frankly, go flat broke.

    Joe is a Democrat.  But he is a badly misguided Democrat.

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