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  •  Yeah I'm talking to You (1.50)
     and if you are for GATT, PTNR, NAFTA and the rest of the job export so called free trade deals that have gutted our manufacturing base, then YOU are a union hater. Read this past Saturday's New York Times world business section on the demise of Indonesian trade unions because of the butchers of Beijing if you want to know where I'm coming from. But I don't think you and your fat ass buddy Al From and his little pencil necked underling Bruce Reed give a shit about where I'm coming from. You can mouth all the worthless platitudes you want about high wage, high growth technology wired worker economies. Its all Bullshit. Just ask the smug ass latte sippers in the Bay Area as there jobs head out to Bangalore.

      What From, and Reed and the useful idiots who do their bidding on this site are ultimately about is in Aesop's words, turning up the heat on the frogs in the pot just gradually enought so they don't jump out. Its frogleg consomme for the boys down at the yacht basin, with the American worker in the role of frog.   And Yes I realize that by this definition Clinton and Kerry are union haters too, spade's a spade. And yes I will be voting for Kerry.

     As to my main point, let me see if I can live up to your Rhodes scholar standards for coherence. You, and the rest of your Dems for The Leisure Class crowd, don't have the balls to stick by Lieberman because he has now been exposed as a loser. And that is because his economic royalist policy prescriptions make most rank and file Dems gag. Bubba was better at selling the snake oil, ergo he is a winner and the patron saint, the indispensable man, of your brand of neoliberalism.  But this rift in the party ain't going away because I ain't ever gonna agree with you that what's good for Citibank is good for America, and you ain't ever gonna agree with me that we need a complete repeal of Taft-Hartley and an international minimum wage and labor standards with teeth. As to the harrumphing about my rudeness, politics ain't beanbag jack and the last time I checked this ain't the Junior League chat room.

    Put the jam on the bottom shelf, so the little man can reach it. Sen. Ralph Yarborough (D-TX)

    by yellow dog on Mon May 24, 2004 at 01:16:42 PM PDT

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    •  You're not actually talking to me. (none)
      I don't support NAFTA.  I'm adamantly opposed to outsourcing (and have put my livelihood at risk to fight it, have you?).  I have never met Al From--so he is certainly not my buddy.  I have never supported Joe Leiberman, so why should I start now?  Just so that I can have "balls"?  

      And, Your Royal Ignorant Sanctimoniousness, I actually do support labor standards with teeth (and have written about it in my diaries after blasting a Washington Post ed by Kristol) and would seriously consider an international minimum wage.

      The truth is, you know nothing about me or where I stand on the issues.  You're just using me as a strawman platform to blather on at some other people who may or may not believe in what you're spouting and who probably don't read this blog.  It's totally trollish.

      •  Yeah, I Have (none)
         I lost my job because I wouldn't cross a CWA picket line.  I gave Dick Gephardt $175 and David Bonior several  hundred over the years. I don't vote for Free Trade Dems period unless they are The nominee for President. SO Yeah, I fight outsourcing with everything at my disposal.

         If you're against outsourcing, good on ya. But were you against it when it was blue collar industrial wokers were were being thrown on the scrap heap, or just lately now that Bangalore is biting upscale service and tech snobs in the ass?

          And I ain't no goddamn  troll. I didn't rate you period, jack. I'm coming at you head on  speaking my peace for my brand of unapolgetic, throwback, fighting labor populsim. And I intend to keep doing it.

        Put the jam on the bottom shelf, so the little man can reach it. Sen. Ralph Yarborough (D-TX)

        by yellow dog on Mon May 24, 2004 at 02:21:19 PM PDT

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