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  •  Who's watch did Enron start On ? (none)
     Who bitch slapped Arthur Leavitt when he tried to implement accounting reforms? Holy Joe and Cal Dooley

     Check the skyrocketing personal bankruptcuy statistics thoroughout Bubba's two terms. Examine the chasm that opened up between the top 1%, and the rest of us during Bubba's tenure. Assuming you ain't in the top 1%, that is. Hard to tell given the economic snake oil you peddle around here on a regular basis.

     Furthermore, I am so goddamned sick and tired  of this pile of horseshit you and your Dems for the Leisure Class buddies keep shoveling around here about the " the best economic strethc since the 1920's." Telling you chose that decade methinks, and not the 1960's. The Roaring Twenties did have a lot in common with the Clinton '90's, namely weak unions, exploding consumer debt (radios and cars on time back then), and turbocharged productivity gains coupled with flatlined per capita income.

     Hmmmm? Big Business squeezing producitvity out of their work force like an Egyptian straw boss putting up the pyramids but not incurring higher labor costs. Sounds like a windfall to me. And guess where it manifested itself? That's right, their stock prices.

     Do you honestly believe that something happened mid January 2001 a la Cinderella and the glass slipper? That Bush's mere election killed the era of milk and honey overnight and ushered in the biggest wealth liquidation in the history of this country? Do you really beleive that Dumbya should have been on the case against Lay, Skilling, Ebbers, Kowslowski, Blodgett, Meeker, Quattrone and the rest of those bastards in 1998 and 1999. Lord knows he has hastened the destruction of this country in so many ways since, but what the hell he supposed to do in the face of crime in the suites and a derelict SEC? Call out the Texas Rangers?

     I got news for you jack. The seeds of this Judas economy were planted and assidiously cultivated under your boy Bubba. The NASDAQ high water mark was March 2000. It was a false prosperity and the aftershocks are just beginning. Check out this month's Washington Monthly on the coming housing meltdown. But then you don't really need to, because Gary Winnick and the boys at Global Crossing were good New Democrats. Hope they cut you in for a fat piece of the action.

    Put the jam on the bottom shelf, so the little man can reach it. Sen. Ralph Yarborough (D-TX)

    by yellow dog on Mon May 24, 2004 at 02:10:08 PM PDT

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    •  Clinton surplus (none)
      Bush Defecit.

      He pissed away the tax increases most Americans gladly gave at the payroll/income levels to make social security education and health care feasable.

      Even millioniares agreed to pay more  as they had vested interests in a better America.

      Yellow dog is really confused. Go read up your history you tort and  use facts. Lies  get noted and called out, stupid lies get the kind of treatment their low IQ espousers deserve.

      •  At Least I'm Smart (none)
        enough to know the word is "tout", as in "your (sic) history you tout", not tort. Tort is a legal term from the common law. Secondly, smart guy, the word "deficit" is correctly spelled the way I just spelled it.

         Millionaires didn't agree to "pay more", they were forced to by true Democrats like Dave Bonior and Dick Gephardt. And then Bubba went down to Houston and groveled before a bunch of rich Texans like the gutless coward he is and apologized for raising their taxes. So why don't YOU read your goddamn history hoss before getting in my grill.

         And now to the real crux of the matter. It would make my day to be "called out" by you, to the parking lot that is, of one of the many redneck bars I've traded hooks and jabs in over the years. We'd see then if you live up to your bad ass signature line, "Mr. Murder." (Mine is in honor of my grandad who called himself a yellow dog Democrat, ain't violent like yours) Maybe you would be able to live up to it, but that'd suit me just as well as taking shit from the sort of coward like you who shovels it out from behind the safety of a computer.

         Who knows, if things went your way you'd get the chance to show the prison guards how high your IQ is when you're doing 20 to life for 2nd degree homicide, "Mr. Murder."

        Put the jam on the bottom shelf, so the little man can reach it. Sen. Ralph Yarborough (D-TX)

        by yellow dog on Tue May 25, 2004 at 08:53:46 AM PDT

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