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    There is definitely something different when you see no way out.  I think Ehrenreich talked about this a little, saying in the introduction that her case was different for that very reason.  And she also, in the concluding chapter, talks about the submissiveness that biologists find in animals who are regularly reminded of their low-status; while I think it's more complex than that, there really is something to it.  If you don't think things can change, and if you don't see anything better because you're too busy/tired/hungry/isolated to see it, you probably won't press for change.

    Like I said in the diary, I was lucky enough to have experienced a period of wealth and plenty that I could hold as an example.  For about 7 years, when I was little (the happiest 7 years of my life, in fact), my family had no worries about money.  So I have a standard on which to base my expectations, whereas someone who has always been poor probably thinks that's just the way things are.

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