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    Major Danby can buy your own linux box, or you can rent one from someplace like serverbeach.  The latter is cheaper fixins at first.  Even if you go with hosted everything though, it's not a bad thing to have familiarity with...instead of a Big Mystery and Magic Commands, it's just like on your old linux machine, only on someone else's system :}  The easiest introduction is probably to just grab an old computer before it hits a landfill, get a commercial linux distribution at Fry's, and put it on.  

    But it's something other people can set up for you, too, and perhaps a waste of your brain...basically you're going to be running an out of the box (or download) package for everything -- your own copy of wordpress, basically -- anyway, and someone else can set up your firewalls, security, and so on (and walk you through it).  The main advantages of having that level of control are scalability and customization -- if it's your own box or virtual machine, the person you hire to put on tailfins will have a much better chance of making it work, and work well, and when demand goes up by an order of magnitude, there will probably be many more choices about how to proceed.  

    I wasn't trying to advocate entering the market at any one point btw, just trying to provide some perspective on entry points :}

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