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View Diary: Zogby's battleground states poll (139 comments)

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  •  aeiouwau (none)
    First, it's an email poll-- should skew our way anyway (where's the promised analysis on why we shouldn't throw it out the window)? Second, Iowa broke for Gore, but not by much; it's not "staunchly Dem," but a swing state, and one in better economic shape than OH and MO.  The real surprise is MO for Kerry-- perhaps the fundies there don't answer their email?
    •  Yeah, but... (none)
      It's been consistently Democratic in post-Reagan Presidential history.  The last time the Dems lost it was the rout of 1984 (of course all we won that year was MN).

      So "staunchly" is a bad word, but the fact is it's historically been more Democratic than OH, NV, or MO.  Which makes it surprising that it's one of the few Bush gains.  And yeah, you're right, Kerry's lead in Missouri (if true) really is a huge surprise.

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