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  •  It shows human nature and that of pols (13+ / 0-)

    Running for president (and often other high office) is an egotistical act.  It is often a self-centered act as well.

    Those who want power very badly are usually the people least temperamentally qualified to hold it.

    I think people tend to realize this deep down, and it's why a reluctance to run, if perceived as sincere (and I think it is, in Gore's case, sincere) enhances the public's view of a potential candidate.

    Someone might point out, of course, that Gore did run in 1988 and 2000.  I'd say he has become less self-centered since then (and was always less self-centered than the typical presidential candidate, regardless).

    The opposite-- extremely self-centered-- type is represented by his former running mate Joe Loserman, who was so centered on retaining his power he would turn against the party he claimed to support to retain it.

    Economic -3.50/Social -2.41 "Please don't eat the moderates." (Yes, someone else used that before me, but it's perfect.)

    by CenterLeft on Tue Feb 27, 2007 at 12:27:27 AM PST

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