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  •  Al Gore did...not...lose (7+ / 0-)

    Richard Cohen is a media whore whose job it is to obscure the truth.  Look at the diction carefully:

    "...who did not quit, who came off the canvas after a painfully close election -- he won the popular vote, after all -- who accepted defeat graciously..."

    The only thing accurate here is that Al was and is gracious.  Al won the popular vote and Florida, and the election was stolen from all of us.

    Al Gore did not lose, the election was stolen in rank theft.  Fuck you, Cohen, and all the media whores who worked so hard to bring Al down.  You failed and had to steal it.

    I suppose we should all be grateful this whore had something nice to say.  Much like the Clintons the chattering scumbags we call journalists delight in making shit up about Al, anything, and publishing it.  Almost all of the crap hurled at Gore in 2000 was pure bullshit.

    Richard Cohen, to think that I would ever forget or that I'd stop working to combat the filth of US journalism, well, think again, asshole.

    I got motivated for life from that election.  Y'all should have seen me in 2002; white hot, furious, attacking anyone and anything.  Motivated for life, ain't it the truth.

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