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  •  How can anyone forget it? (6+ / 0-)

    And we should probably all be open about it.  Gore may or may not be the best candidate in '08 (I personally do want to see him run).  Running may or may not be the best thing for him, or for the vital cause that he is so devoted to.  He may truly no longer feel the need to be president.  But I think a big part of the current interest in him running is the hunger we have to make right the greatest wrong in this nation's electoral history... to see a profound injustice corrected... to know that life's unfairness can at least sometimes be redeemed.  We don't like living in a world where Bush's "smug sense of entitlement" (as someone put it so perfectly) rules.  At some level, we want Gore to run because we don't want to believe that this schoolyard gang of bullies can be allowed to prevail in a just universe.  And I bet Gore feels that, too.  Anyone with a sense of justice would and should feel it.

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