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View Diary: British Radio Host Makes Case For Next President (35 comments)

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    He talks about Obama's views on Iraq and his domestic policies which is the strongest of all the candidates.  Edwards is probably the only other candidate who is advocating strong domestic initiatives.

    Frankly, I think his views is justified considering that his country has been brought into the Iraqi quagmire as a result of our arrogant foreign policies.  That is not to say the British do not have their own problems or that Galloway is the most upstanding citizen to grace the planet, it is just to say that he has a point.

    Now you may not agree with him and I understand your concern.  Not everyone sees Obama the same way.  We differ, but I respect your right to differ.

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      He said Obama opposed the war in Iraq and opposes a war in Iran. Then, he said that Hillary was "strongly in favor" of the Iraq war (a gross distortion) and is in favor of a war with Iran (a distortion so grotesque it borders on libel). And, he said absolutely nothing about Obama's views on domestic policies, other than to say they're more radical (which he values). I'm not even sure I know what Obama's domestic policies would be, but I'm damn sure I didn't hear anything about them in that clip from George Galloway.

      When you write that Edwards is "probably the only other candidate who is advocating strong domestic initiatives," you have to be a little more circumspect. It just points up the fact that Edwards is pushing a comprehensive domestic agenda, and Obama is pushing the audacity of hope, transcending partisan politics. One talks about his plans and domestic goals, and the other offers platitudes about changing how we talk. I hope that, at some point, Obama will actually discuss domestic issues, and offer concrete positions. To date -- unless I somehow missed it -- Obama hasn't done that. The only candidate that talks less about domestic issues is Biden.

      "America! F*%# Yeah! Coming again to save the mother-f*%#ing day!" -- Team America

      by FischFry on Wed Feb 28, 2007 at 12:02:46 PM PST

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