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  •  the kool kidz also (0+ / 0-)

    voted for Bush.  So the last reason to like something is because it's what the damn conformist groupthink kool kidz idiots are buying into.

    Speaking of interfaces, one obvious one is the USB mass storage interface (just plug it into any computer and it looks like a hard drive), and the ipod does NOT support it, because they want to make you use itunes instead.  More and more car stereos have USB connectors on their front panels so you can plug a portable player in and control it from the in-dash receiver--just as long as your portable player didn't do the stupid thing the Ipod did.  That makes the ipod uncool all by itself.  (Yeah, there's also car stereos with dedicated ipod connectors--more vendor lock-in.  Face it, portable music players are (or should be) commodity devices like cassette players, and all this lock-in stuff is desperate attempts by vendors to keep the benefit of that standardization away from consumers.

    Screw the ipod, and screw branding, just stick with the unspun and unbranded facts.

    •  No the cool kids did not vote for Bush (3+ / 0-)


    •  And btw the iPod DOES look like a hard drive (2+ / 0-)

      when you plug it into a usb port.

    •  disagree (3+ / 0-)
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      Feanor, highacidity, A Siegel

      The foolish kids voted for bush.

      Can you clarify?: I have my iTunes library on my mass storage device. When connected to my computer, my iPod recognizes it. The device is formated as FAT. Are you saying that the iPod like the Zune only recognizes their proprierty software for import? If so, yea - I do  find this problematic, but I currently do not need multiple software systems managing my library.

      •  Are you SURE the ipod supports UMS? (0+ / 0-)

        If so, thanks for the correction, and it is a help.  Actually it's starting to come back to me, there's some problem with putting mp3's on the ipod and playing them back unless you use the special itunes software, but the UMS interface I guess is separate.

        Yeah, the Zune is even worse than the Ipod--it's from Microsoft, what do you expect?

        •  Yes - that's how I am doing it (0+ / 0-)

          My library is located on a mass storage device. When syncing with the iPod, you need to set the iTunes preferences to point to the external drive.

          The drive needs to be compatible with your existing OS system (FAT, NTFS) or whatever. I hope this addresses the question.

          For this, iPod works for me. However, I am not happy with the iPhone deal with cingular. Hopefully they'll change this.

          •  well what I basically wanted to know is (0+ / 0-)

            suppose I have a bunch of mp3's in a folder structure on my computer.  Can I plug the ipod into the usb port and drag the directory to the ipod (copy all the files), without using itunes at all, and be able to then use the ipod portably and access all the mp3's?  Can I copy the mp3's back off the ipod in the same way?

            There is also the famous battery issue that those guys made the movie about.  Apple at first wanted you to throw away your ipod and buy a new one when the battery wore out, but now they'll at least replace it for some outrageous fee.

            •  Oh ok (0+ / 0-)

              Got it. I think iPod like Zune (as far as I know) uses an interface for importing music which is iTunes (the Zune uses something else). I have never tried to use it without the interface, but I am guessing you need it.

              You can move music (mp3s) in and out of iTunes into another program or file system. Sorry for not quite getting your first question.

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