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    Well, the Living Homes discussion was too high end. I wrote that tired, feeling glum, and the material popped in front of me, and I went "wow" ...

    In fact, smart "green" building can be done beautifully for less than traditional building costs.  

    At some point, I'll do a discussion like that.

    I don't like the meme that "it costs too much to be energy / environmentally smart" because that is not a fair discussion.

    CFLs cost more to buy, but far less to own -- they generally pay back the purchase price difference in months and last for years. (Thus, the difference in bulb price is made back many times over.) Same is true for smart building.  (Problem is: how many of us can afford to buy a piece of land and have a house built on it?)

    And, sometimes there are appropriate compromises to make. Now, for example, my family eats meat (okay, vegans & vegetarians can boo ...). Most of it is 'organic' now. We are spending about the same amount, but we are eating less of a higher quality.  Higher quality flavor ... and we fill in around that with more vegetables/such.  

    Blogging regularly at Ecotality Blog for a Sustainable Future.

    by A Siegel on Wed Feb 28, 2007 at 02:43:21 PM PST

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      This meme needs to be deconstructed a little more: A lot of people are working from the now and not future returns mindset. This has a lot to do with how much cash/equity is on hand to invest in future savings (whether cash returns or better nutrition).

      Why I think it would be pretty explosive if an alternative vehicle was priced under 15k or a built green home for under 1200 sq could be priced at around 150k or, say, 100/sq ft.

      However, there are other less expensive ways to be green. We're making our house green slowly but surely.     But boy do I have dwell style dreams!

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