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  •  well what I basically wanted to know is (0+ / 0-)

    suppose I have a bunch of mp3's in a folder structure on my computer.  Can I plug the ipod into the usb port and drag the directory to the ipod (copy all the files), without using itunes at all, and be able to then use the ipod portably and access all the mp3's?  Can I copy the mp3's back off the ipod in the same way?

    There is also the famous battery issue that those guys made the movie about.  Apple at first wanted you to throw away your ipod and buy a new one when the battery wore out, but now they'll at least replace it for some outrageous fee.

    •  Oh ok (0+ / 0-)

      Got it. I think iPod like Zune (as far as I know) uses an interface for importing music which is iTunes (the Zune uses something else). I have never tried to use it without the interface, but I am guessing you need it.

      You can move music (mp3s) in and out of iTunes into another program or file system. Sorry for not quite getting your first question.

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