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View Diary: Experts hint at provability of Jesus tomb (80 comments)

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    I say let Cameron do what he wants.  If he can really prove it, then let him do so.  I cannot see how they can really prove anything.  Ultimately it is all speculation and opinion and belief. If you see a bald heavy man named Dick in your neighborhood does it prove it's Dick Cheney?  That would be silly.

    DNA can't prove anything in this case either.  No one has DNA from Mary Magdalene or Jesus.

    Can anyone say al Capone's Vault?  Where is Geraldo when you need him?

    When it comes down to it, they will tell us that it might be the historical Jesus or it is likely the historical Jesus or most likely the historical Jesus.  The will not be able to say it is the historical jesus.

    Cameron will make a lot of money.  Hope he spends it well.

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