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View Diary: Labor Law and "Saving the Secret Ballot" (7 comments)

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    I especially like the comparison with shareholder proxies.  

    I spent five of my six years in graduate school organizing for a TA union in the private sector.  During that time, we were not considered workers under the NLRB, and then following the 2000 NYU decision we were, and then in 2004 following the Brown U. decision we weren't again.  The entire time, we had a majority of the grad school signed on cards.  I am damn pissed that we haven't yet gotten our university to recognize my union , despite demonstrating a clear majority over and over and even having that majority verified by the secy of state at least once.  

    I am really looking forward to the day when the EFCA is law.  

    One suggestion: include Employee Free Choice Act as one of your tags

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