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  •  Perhaps Wall Street is the enemy (7+ / 0-)

    It is the scum on Wall Street that looked at Wal-Mart's successful scorched earth growth model and deemed it the best investment opportunity. They therefore used Wal-Mart (a true enemy of America) as the gold-standard for all grocers and retailers. Forget the fact that Wal-Mart forces all it's suppliers to China, doesn't offer a living wage, isn't unionized, doesn't provide health insurance to most of its workers etc. etc. etc.

    Since Safeway, Kroger et. al. are unionized there was no way they could cut wages in order to "compete" with Wal-Mart. But that is exactly what Wll Street demands that they do. So the surviving grocery chains are in a deathspiral while waging war with their unions at the behest of Wall Street.

    Of course Wall Street ignores the fact that since the "low-price" market position is firmly occupied by W-M and therefor that Safeway, Kroger et. al. have to compete on something OTHER than price. (It's called "differentiation", a term evidently too rocket-sciency for Wall Streeters to comprehend.)

    They could form an association, supported by their unions, and go to war with W-M over living wages, health benefits, and a responsibility to "Be good for America by being good to Americans", but that would be the obvious way to drive shoppers out of W-M and into their stores, so they haven't thought of it.

    Wall Street doesn't care about America or about Americans. It cares about ROI. If ROI ain't your God, they view you as a godless heathen and you get what you deserve.

    Fuck Wall Street!

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