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  •  Perhaps employers will be taxed, not necessarily (4+ / 0-)

    A payroll tax or other employer tax is one way to fund a single-payer system. But not the only possible way.

    Even if there were such a tax, that would be ok with large employers for two reasons. One is the reason you mention; they won't get hammered by Wall Street for paying benefits to their employees. The other is that it creates a level playing field. Companies like Safeway or Kroger or Costco won't be paying higher health care costs than Wal-Mart. They like the idea of Wal-Mart being forced to pay the same health-care cost per employee as everyone else.

    So this is how liberty dies -- with thunderous applause.

    by MJB on Fri Mar 02, 2007 at 10:32:24 AM PST

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