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    D'SOUZA: It's more than that. These are the guys -- these are the guys -- first of all, they want to shut down Guantanamo. They want to repudiate the Patriot Act. They want Bush to lose for a domestic political reason. And that is that foreign policy has been a winning issue for the Republicans for a generation.

    If the left can turn that around, if they can, in a sense, saddle Bush with a humiliating defeat, this will pave the way for a return to the left wing dominance of American politics that we had for most of the 20th Century.

    If the wingnuts didn't want Conservatism to suffer any humiliating defeats, why would they nominate someone like Bush, who: was convicted of drunk driving and rumored to have done illegal drugs, waffled so ineptly on that drug question, he once made it sound like he did drugs in his father's White House, fumbled a pop quiz on world leaders (A. B. Vajpayee is not obscure to a billion Indians), and failed in just about every business venture he managed (The Texas Rangers didn't sink because he was able to lobby the City of Arlington for a new stadium).

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