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  •  That Jack Shafer guy (4.00)
    At "Slate" magazine has been all over the NYT; he should be happy.

    The failures of the NYT in this regard were a lot more important than that Jayson Blair nonsense.

    •  Here's his take on this. (none)

      Judy's Turn To Cry - now that it's published, he might be disappointed. But then he spseaks of two tracks.

      "I participate therefore I am, I do not participate therefore I am not." Henryk Skolimowski

      by libby on Tue May 25, 2004 at 08:45:31 PM PDT

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      •  Is this NYT apology getting any play (4.00)
        on television?  Will anyone besides us care?  Is it getting noticed elsewhere?

        "They didn't leave us a was more like a series of actionable items..."

        by lapin on Tue May 25, 2004 at 09:01:49 PM PDT

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        •  Not On Scabby Country (3.66)
          Joe Scab is talking about various papers (NYT, WaPo and USAToday) but all he's interested in is how much line space each one gave the Chimp Puppet in response to last night's speech. ("The Post actually printed a good picture of him! They usually go out of their way to find the worst possible shots of him...")

          Y'know, you wouldn't think that it would be that hard for someone to succeed at being a mediocre Bill O Reilly, (OK, even more mediocre) but got-damn, homeboy rises down to the occasion every night.

          Another four years, we'll ALL be "enemy combatants"

          by Jank2112 on Tue May 25, 2004 at 10:07:10 PM PDT

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          •  Finally, someone gets it (none)
            Way off topic, but I've been saying that Iraq is Vietnam on Crack for 18 months

            MotherJones has an article that contains this line

            The question in Baghdad or Washington by, say, October may be: Who will be the last man standing?

            June 30 isn't important

            October 31 is the Date George has to worry about

            "the memory hole"
            by Tom Engelhardt

            and think future tense

    •  What's sad... (none) that Judith Miller has started appearing on the Larry King show. I saw her recently.
      •  Judith Miller, etc. (none)
        Miller is not even named in the Times' Editor's Note.  Blame is cast on an unidentified group of writers and editors -- and, of course, on Ahmed Chalabi.

        How interesting: now that even the neo-cons admit that Chalabi is a weasel, it's safe and convenient for the Times to say so too.

        This whole thing is, as I said on my blog today, an empty ritual:

        ...since neither Miller, nor any of the other writers or editors responsible for the rotten stories, are going to lose their jobs, this self-critique is meaningless. It's as empty a ritual as Bush "scolding" Rumsfeld about Abu Ghraib and then praising him to the skies two days later.

        They are certainly trying to restore a little of their shattered credibility.  (I've been documenting their sneering coverage of anti-war demonstrations for well over a year; I finally got a response from the public editor's office just recently.)  But as others have said above, it's too late for a lot of us on the left.  

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