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  •  It is time (4.00)
    It is time to build the case for a new generation, one which will look squarely at the failures of the past, and demand that they not be repeated. The previous generation vetted people by their willingness to conform to a group think, to a particular collegiality of manner and willingness to tolerate entrenched bias masquerading as opinion.

    It is time that we begin to assert that there is, beneath the noise, a fundamental moral conflict, between those who excuse indifference to the facts, simply because it was economically correct to cater to those who wanted to be lied to.

    It is time that we begin to establish that the present system does not work, and cannot work - because it attaches the ability to gather information, with the compulsion to distort that information in its distribution.

    It is time that we make the case, not merely that "mistakes were made" in that strange passive voice of infallible failure - but that acts were committed which violated the core of the necessities of ethical society, and attack the foundation of our liberties.

    It is time, and past time, to assert that the sphere which has emerged is not truly new, but is, instead, an application of technology to ideas which have driven knowledge forward in the past - citation, review, comparison, accountability, predictiveness and falsifiability - to the process of politics and the political.

    It is time, and passed time, that we realize that this is the next majority, coming into being.

    •  Perhaps it's America's Adolescence (none)
      We were children for a while, as the frontiers called us on. Then we had a brief and bitter glimpse of adulthood, during our Civil War. Thank God for Lincoln! Then again, our childhood beckoned.. our growing power and absolute lack of a significant threat in the whole of the hemisphere. We spent the very last of our childhood playing checkers with out worst enemy... and we FINALLY WON!!!! WOW LOL WOW Now we're deeply enmeshed in a world of adults. some are playing very dangerous games, simply because they can. We need to mature, quickly, and become adults. The best way towards that, is, as it ever is, education.

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