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  •  Blogs depend on news sources (4.00)
    Very little original fact reporting is done by blogs.  Lots of good analysis and synthesis does get done by blogs.  

    But the integrity of the journalists doing actual reporting is key.  

    I'm all for blogs, but we need media news with integrity too.

    "pay any price, bear any burden"

    by JimPortlandOR on Tue May 25, 2004 at 09:42:34 PM PDT

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    •  How much "original fact reporting" (none)
      is being done by "journalists" nowadays?

      No, really?

      In the flood of stuff that gets published, how much of it isn't skimmed from publicly available sources? The kind you and I can easily link to?

      I'm not quite a fan of the idea that blogs have or ever will completely replace journalism. But we do have to recognize that, with the advent of the internet and the reality of how much public information--"facts, if you will---is daily uploaded for all to see, there isn't a lot left for journalists to do . . . except for illuminating facts which are kept from dissemination. This means real, powerful, investigative journalism. And this might be journalism's only reason for being right now.

      If there's anything to this thesis, it begs the question: how long can a democracy afford a "corporate" media in an era demanding aggressive investigative journalism?

      Does anybody really doubt the answer?

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