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  •  We're accountable (none)
    It's simple. If I talk out of my ass, you guys call me on it. Newspapers have layers of editors protect reporters. Blogs don't

    But without daily newspapers, we wouldn't have much to write about. All we can do is keep them a little more honest. Every institution needs a check, and American journalism has needed one for years.

    •  Au contraire (4.00)
      The mass media has turned into Bradbury's vision from Fahrenheit 451 - a constant flood of trivia, game shows, phony facts and instant stimulation. All tailored and predigested for the widest range of 'popular consumption.'

      When I want to find out what's really going on in the world, I turn to blogs. I'm way more likely to find relevant stories, and relevant commentary, on things that are being almost totally missed in the US.

      The only news sources that I find that are at all ahead of the game are still some foreign news services like the BBC, the Guardian, IHT etc, and still to a great degree NPR. There's usually about a week to two week lag between something important coming up there, and hitting the mass media, with all accompanying shock that this is something 'out of the blue.' I was waiting for Fallujah to explode from April of 2003, because I'd been following it on NPR and BBC, frex.

      Blogs however eccentric give news of personal interest to people who have a lot in common with me in many ways, collect by journalists who care passionately and don't have to worry about the financial reins being yanked because it's essentially a volunteer project.

      In fact, it looks to me, as an amateur historian, a lot like those heroic old newspapers of the American West put together to stand up against local Bosses, or even earlier, back to the American Revolution. I've seen some of them in the paper as it were, and they were quirky, we're-making-this-up-as-we-go affairs, - and a big part of them was the reader interaction, they had lots more letters in the old days, and letters wars would go on in old papers, just like comment discussions.

      They look a lot like blogs, in fact.

      I think we are reinventing journalism here, is what is happening. The old wheel has decayed to uselessness.

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      by bellatrys on Wed May 26, 2004 at 04:30:57 AM PDT

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