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  •  All for business (none)
    The NYT is about promoting the American pro business agenda.   This pro business climate is what underlies all their stories.

    The war was great for business.  All the contracts... all the defense related business... all the "contractors"...

    The entire weapons industry ... read military induistrial complex... is sadly such an insidious part of this economy that the media can't see the forest for the trees.  They have collectively swallowed their coolaid and refuse to apply any objective standard to how they report the news of the country or the world.

    The whole idea of celebrity is all about capitalism... getting on the bandwagon or at least riding the economic wake of a story that means nothing to 99.9% of the people.

    We live in a society that has already swollowed the myth that one way to get out of being accountable is to simply admit to having done some wrong doing.  This does not apply to "common" criminals... only the big boys who might get caught.  Lying is american as apple pie... It is part of the paradigm which rules here... if you can get away with it... it is OK.

    This has fostered the entire disgusting behavior in the financial sector, the corparate board room and top execs... as well as the "greedy" shareholders who care only about their ROI, share value and not about how their profits are made.

    The NYT serves the class that makes PROFIT... that is concerned about pro business decisions... not a over the top as the WSJ, but not far behind.  By having some balance such as Krugman seems to blind most readers to what the NYT is about.

    Don't expect much from corporate media or any corporation run by money whores.  That is the reality.  They will NEVER run against the tide of moving as much wealth as possible to the capitalist class.. END OF STORY

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