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  •  At Face Value? (none)
    Even in an age of Jayson Blair, there's still a fact checking process at newspapers, whereas here we're supposed to take assertions at face value.

    After Blair, Miller, Kelley, et al, I have less confidence in the fact-checking of daily papers than ever...and from where did this notion that we're supposed to take anything at face value spring?  I don't assume that anything I read here or in a newspaper is entirely accurate; I consider what I read in light of my existing picture of the world, I look for corroborating sources, I try to poke holes in things even when my initial reaction is agreement.  It's part of critical thinking, and I wish more people actively processed what they watch or read; especially as practices such as astroturfing, foundations of "impartial experts" set up by industry lobby groups, and the silent alteration of online content (thank you, Memory Hole!) become more prevalent, it's important for people to stop thinking in terms of received truth and construct their own.

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