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  •  Thanks! (none)
    First off thanks for the link!! I'm looking for work.

    As an editor, and often a copy editor, I've always been taught that copy editing is a distinct task, centered around checking for spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Worrying about content gets in the way.

    I suppose there can be a more expansive definition, but from my experience, editing for style and content is a separate task from copy editing.

    •  I don't see (none)
      how a copy editor can check for spelling, punctuation, or grammar without taking content into account (and I mean reading for style and comprehension, not fact-checking) because those three things affect the way information is delivered. If any one of them is off, meanings can change.

      I work in academic publishing and we've run into this as a problem (freelancers making sure the acronyms are spelled out while they ignore the fact that sentences are not comprehensible).

      These days, tech editors are a complete luxury, unfortunately, so my $12 an hour job encompasses reading for meaning and checking the copyeditors. (!) I often fact-check too, because my name is on the masthead and I don't want us looking like idiots. ;-)

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