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  •  Yep (none)
    The alacrity with which they browbeat anyone who demured at their bullshit betrayed the liars they are, administration and war whore media together.

    Scorn. Invective. Slime. They launched an investigation against Hans Blix to find out if he was blackmailable. They jumped on every nuance, every fantisized shred that could conceivably be spun their way. They sabotaged the inspections, over and over. (See Blix's book on this.)

    They are liars and scum, neocons in the admin and in the media, and they know what liars and scum they are, as does everyone with two brain cells to rub together.

    And now, the latest slither. Chalabi hoodwinked the admin and the media. The NYT mea culpa is an insult to every decent human being on this planet, sentient or otherwise. They should have kept their mouth shut because they can't say a word without exuding slime.

    we, along with the administration, were taken in. Yes, you really were.

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