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View Diary: Kwiatkowski : Impeach Early and Often! (14 comments)

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  •  when Pelosi said "Impeachment is off (2+ / 0-)
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    Rayne, wolverine 06

    the table," surely she was not referring to Bush's underlings.
    They are fair game.  Get 'em.  Now.

    •  Invisible qualifier (1+ / 0-)
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      I really believe that Pelosi meant that impeachment was not on the top of the action list -- but investigations definitely are for the 110th Congress.

      And if the investigations turn up sufficient, inarguable evidence that a crime has been committed, so inarguable that even a quorum of Repugs see the crime, then priorities on the action list change.  Just not necessary to say that up front; more important to say that work is a priority so that Repugs can't arm against Dems AND they are slowly given the cover they need to move against their own party.

      Were the investigations into Gonzales abuses, for example, to lead to his impeachment, we'd have a better crack at fair and balanced effort out of USDOJ.  And were other investigations like the Plame outing also better resourced by USDOJ, then perhaps we'd have enough ammo to get Repugs on board to impeach.

      It's all some deadly serious poker we're playing, cards held tight to the vest and bluffing essential.

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