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View Diary: Science Friday: Sixty Men from Ur (217 comments)

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  •  A Front Page post which bills itself (0+ / 0-)

    Science Friday, and then goes on to include "60 men from Ur" as the rest of its title, without showing that those 60 men from Ur even existed (not even a wikipedic link to Abram?) is clearly misnamed.

    This post belongs in the category, "Epitaph of a famous just-stopped-being-current human." It is about just-dead government apparatchek and excellent historian Arthur Schlesinger Junior. His life history doesn't need or deserve "embellishment" by way of extremely dubious "connections" between him and a possibly mythical "Abram plus sixty."

    This post's title belongs in the "Religion & Mythology" category. Conflating a religiously-held belief in the existence of scientifically-unverifiable prehistoric humans with a historian of Schlesinger's calibre, is NOT science, on any day of the Chaldean calendar.

    Apart [with difficulty, for me at least] from all the above, very nice epitaph, Devilstower, and I always enjoy those posts where you talk about actual science.

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