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View Diary: Richardson drops out of Fox News debate (344 comments)

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  •  Who would Obama oppose in 2012? (0+ / 0-)

    The sitting Democratic president? Why? And in 2016 he would have to defeat the sitting VP for the nomination.

    Kudos for the effort.

    Be the Democrat you want to see. DebateScoop

    by demondeac on Fri Mar 09, 2007 at 02:49:30 PM PST

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    •  you're right of course (0+ / 0-)

      I messed up my math re when he'd be poised to run for Pres again. ... So I'll just amend my media packaging comments above to say:  This Presidential run is a brand builder for Obama, and he knows it, his handlers know it, the only people that don't seem to know it are many progressives, who actually believe he has a chance at winning the swing voter pool thus enabling any candidate to win the presidency. But what they CAN do in packaging him right now, is set him up for the VP slot. It seems highly likely he'll get that -- unless whoever wins the Dem nomination has a specific choice in mind.

      And, as you point out, when the Dems win the 08 Presidency, the likely scenario is an 8 year run, and if they perform well and no major scandals torpedo them, then Obama as 8-year VP would be then fully ready to assume the office  of the Presidency.

      So, yes, I messed up my logic presentation in a significant way, but even so, my underlying point still holds, as far as I am concerned:

      (1) He's not going to win the swing voters hearts and minds as a Presidential contender, he knows thatm his handlers know that, and this whole exercise right now is brand building. Again, nothing with that per se.. but it does funnel away money for a candidate who COULD win the swing vote in 08... and it also splits off his focus tremendously, meaning that he's so focused on his marketing package ascendency that he's less attentive to his role as a very junior US Senator -- who really should be busting his ass to do some significant good -- and not wishy-washying his way through the chamber now that he's set up this media spotlight on him.

      Too bad. Russ Feingold is 100x the better President potentially, but he knows what deficits are in his "package", is realistic about them, and rather than drag out and exhaust 2 years of what could be valuable Senate time for the sake at a Presidential run, Russ -- an authentic leader, chose to instead use this newly acquired power of the Democrats in Congress to take on the on massive challenge to bring America back from the disaster of the Bush Years.

      Obama would do well to watch a true leader at work -- and stop preening with his vanity run. He was elected by progressives to GET TO WORK in the Senate. And it's a real shame he's instead diverting his focus to lay out his political career -- vs serving his constituents first.

      Personally, I still have my eye on Wes Clark... and even though Kos has said that if clark can't get off the pot and step up now and get into the race if he has any intention of being a Presidential contender, he ought to just stay out and not sap any energy out of the party by continuing to dangle "the possibility", I think Clark has been playing it the smartest of them all.

      Here we have a big discussion, correctly, over the absurdity of Fox News conducting a Presidential debate... But some kossacks contended, that is, before Ailes stupidly hand-grenaded his own unit, that it would be good to find a way to expose our candidates to the disaffected GOPers who are fed up with Bush -- and who principally watch Fox News.

      Wes Clark was no fool in signing on as a commentator and analyst at Fox News. He's been exposing himself to the Fox audience for several years now, and in my view, he maintains the perfect pitch in tone and substance when he places admin policy into context and perspective. I don't know if he'll run, but recently he said he thinks about it every day, and if so, I wish he would jump in. But he's a warrior. And a strategist. And I think he's waiting for one or more of the early contenders to be shown to be unpopular with Americans at large -- thus upping the ante to find someone more balanced and forthright.

      I may be all wrong! But nonetheless, this is the way I see the playing field. At the end of the day, i think too many people are just plain blinded by the light re the natural charisma of Obama. He'll be GREAT as a career politician, and maybe one day he'll actually do some great things for our country. But it isn't now... he's already way too modulated and strategic in every single thing he does -- focused first on his long term career, and less on the massive problems at hand in America -- And that's too bad. Because for all the reasons people want him to be President, he could be applying all that charisma, and charm, and sheer intellect toward the cause of ending this war, and restoring the liberties taken away by BushCo.  I just would like to say, he's a major letdown for me after he burst upon the scene inspiring us all at the 04 convention.

      Anyway, thanks for calling out my glaring error in Post #1 :)

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