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View Diary: Fox News debate is officially dead (397 comments)

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  •  I of course understand what you're sayng (0+ / 0-)

    The hope is this ends up just a blip and not a huge thing, because "They" are intensely better at controlling messages like this. As has been pointed out above in how the perceptions of GW's background have been perceived by the swingers as strength.

    •  It's time to create a new frame (3+ / 0-)
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      Times are changing, and everytime we stand up to that feaux news network, we create a new frame.  This frame outfoxes fox.  They have been very good at maintaining their poisonous grip on slime up until now, but a series of recent events have changed the ball game.  To wit:  

      The horribly botched Madrassa Story
      Ann Coulter's vile slurs
      The Obama freeze out
      The netroots backlash againt this debate

      All of these events have aligned at just the right time so that if we capitalize on them appropriately, we can marginalize Fox news and simultaneously come out looking stronger and more principled for it.

      This is a new election and we're dealing with an electorate more aware and angry of the lies told them than we were dealing with four years ago.  Times have changed, and the "Dems are weak" charge is in itself, weak, cheap, and won't gain them much ground.  

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