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  •  Yea Weak - Like The Butt Kicking Last November (2+ / 0-)
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    rabel, bablhous

    Yea ask Santorum , Burns, Allen , the GOP house members who lost some of whom had been in the house a decade or more ; how it feels to lose power to the weakling democrats!

    In my home state of Washington the Republic candidate lost handily to Maria Cantwell.  Wasn't even close.  Wow those weak Democrats sure knew how to win an election.  HA HA HA - I'm laughing at you conservatives - let's get ready to rumble in 2008!

    Can't feel too good to lose like that - both houses of congress to weaklings ?  Howe does that make you feel ?

    And I am gathering that the wing-nuts know there is another big helping of 'butt kick' stew on the way in 2008.

    I'm lauging at you neocon criminals, corrupt hypocrites, corporate shills !

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