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    ..I had with my wife last night.  We were discussing what love truly is.  I said it was the spark of the divine, as I think only humans are capable of experiencing what "true" love is.  Sure, there is altruism in other mammals and cooperativity in lower organisms, but these are a means to survival, not a means to a higher purpose other than merely living life.  Thus, to love is to be like God, or to transcend mere biology.  It is a unique gift we humans have.

    It is all the more interesting in the context in which we were discussing it, namely the difference between sex and love.   My wife somewhat reluctantly accepts (as an academic concept, not from personal exprience mind you) what's been known by evolutionary biologists for some time now, the humans are not exculsively monogamous, that men can have sexual encounters outside of the monogamous relationship that really have no basis in "love" but rather in some biological urge to procreate. And increase the genetic fitness of their offspring, and arguably the species as a whole.

    Whereas women really don't have this urge, they are more interested in finding a partner who will care for their offspring, and thus invest a lot of emotion and love into that relationship.  Sex for women is a way to validate that investment.

    The point is that a man can cheat on his wife, and yet still love her and his children very much.  This was hard for my wife to wrap her brain around, because it sort of goes against our Catholic teaching and makes her doubt the existence of God.  

    At which I brought up the fact that biology does not necessarily define what humans are, rather it is our capacity to love that makes us unique.  Just because someone cheats, doesn't mean that they have given up on love.  And hopefully, their belief in love will prevent them from cheating in the first place.  And God exists in both the forgiving spouse and the faithful lover.  So long as we don't give up on the relationship, that's the divine working through us.

    Our biological urges often pit us against our capacity to love.  But we can make the choice to embrace love.  The more we do, and act as an example to those around us, the more we spread the good message of peace, hope and love.  And that's what's truly amazing about our species and makes our potential nearly unlimited.

    Thank you teacherken for spreading a little love here today.

    People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people.

    by viget on Sat Mar 10, 2007 at 12:56:28 PM PST

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