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  •  So true (5+ / 0-)
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    Thanks Rena. I saw all the wonderful answers you got to your post and I really hope that something works for this girl. You are an awesome friend to be taking the time to seek out these answers for them.

    Now, can someone in this all-knowing and helpful community find me my luggage? I got into Orlando at 3:00am, didn't get to my room until 5:00am (Magical Express my ass) and my one piece of luggage with my change of clothes is nowhere to be found. I'm here for work so it's not like I can just go buy shorts and t-shirts to get me by! Grrrrrr

    •  Did none warn you about this stupid reddish (0+ / 0-)

      state and Orlando's big mouse? Did you have cheeeeeese in that bag?  Run for your life, we have not yet recovered from being doubleBushed.
         My friend's daughter did cutting and a few other terrifying goodies --- shortly after school had sessions on abberent behaviors --- with the supposed INTENT of warding them off. Yup! Don't want pregnancy or disease prevention related to sex ----but decide to put these cool ideas in their head. Took nearly two years before she was back on track. Some was to "fit in" with students who said they did such stuff.  
        I hadn't found Kos yet -- read all I could on web, sifted data on her  drugs after the famous 2 week cure, distilled what seemed to apply to her girl (I've known since about age 2), and listened to mom vent. Girl didn't know where mom got backup to look so smart. Often it just helped mom know her own thoughts were not crazy. Hugs help, pass some on {{{}}}.

      Don't feed the hand that bites you. FAUX NOISE - it's no debate. (All count or none count. REVOTE FL 13!)

      by Neon Mama on Sun Mar 11, 2007 at 04:22:43 PM PDT

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