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  •  Great diary Rena... (0+ / 0-)

    I'm sorry to say I don't really have any advice to add.

    My sisters have a friend who sounds similar...cutting, anorexia, drinking, drugs, abusive boyfriends, depression, and she basically lives on RedBull and Stacker pills. She weighs about 80 pounds and she's 5 feet tall. She literally fits into children's clothes.

    We tried to help her in a variety of ways, but her mom wasn't very receptive to getting her a psychiatrist and she surely wasn't going to check her into a hospital. She was like this throughout the last 2 years of high school. She was raped at 15 and this behavior started shortly after that. She pretty much used my sister as a psychiatrist...was getting better and then my sister went away to college and she started on another downward spiral.

    At this point her mother has kicked her out, she has no insurance, she's bouncing around from friend's house to friend's house...her boyfriend has also been kicked out. This one is at least not abusive...but he has issues of his own. Of course, this girl won't admit to having any problems. She's apparently stopped the that's something, but we spent years terrified...wondering if we'd get a phone call saying that she'd cut too deep and had been found too late.

    So, I know what sort of behavior you're talking about, but I don't know how to find help for it. I'm sure you've gotten plenty of great advice in this thread.

    I really hope everything works out well for your friend and her daughter. I did see a program on tv (maybe discovery channel?) about how expensive some of those in-patient homes are...and how little insurance companies are willing to cover. It's really unfortunate too...because that kind of care is exactly what's necessary. I'm at least really glad that the daughter seems to be aware that she needs help. Things are MUCH more difficult when the person won't admit to needing help...and refuses all offers. And in my friend's situation...her mom just couldn't grasp the fact that her daughter was really cutting herself. She just didn't get it.

    Good luck...and I agree with you on the Community here. We've really got a good thing...despite all the drama sometimes.

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