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    The historic Irish were Celts by language and culture. So were the Scots, the Britons, the Bretons, at least some of the Picts, the Gauls, the Galicians, the Galatians, and I'm sure I've left some out. They presumably have genetic ancestry from the people who colonized the British Isles before any P-Celts or Q-Celts got there, and also the peoples the Celtic language speakers encountered and intermarried with along the way.

    Anyway, we're talking at cross purposes here. You're talking about genetics. I'm talking about language. The people may very well be related. The Celtic languages and the Basque language aren't. I'm a monolingual English speaker (I had 3 years of high school French, but couldn't carry on a conversation in it now; I know a few words in a variety of other languages, including Irish and Hungarian) but that doesn't mean I have Anglo-Saxon ancestors (though odds are there are a few, considering how long the English made nuisances of themselves in Ireland).

    Who you gonna call?

    by Ahianne on Mon Mar 12, 2007 at 10:58:01 AM PDT

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