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  •  "This Bill Sucks". (6+ / 0-)

    Under Tips:

    I don't think you can even consider anything you tell a reporter "off the record".

    A lobbyist friend of mine was meeting for an hour or so with a reporter about a bill he thought was bad.  He spent considerable time detailing all the legal, logical and political reasons the bill was bad.  

    When they were through and "off the record", the reporter asked him "What do you really thing of this bill"?  

    And he replied:  "This bill sucks".

    The Headline of the ensuing article was:  "xyz Thinks that HB xyz Sucks".

    My advice would be that unless you really really know a reporter, consider everything you say to them on the record.

    HotFlashReport - Opinionated liberal views of the wrongs of the right

    by annrose on Mon Mar 12, 2007 at 10:13:01 AM PDT

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