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View Diary: Fred Thompson: This is the best they can put up? (77 comments)

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  •  Actually, they were seeing through (0+ / 0-)

    Ahnold, and since he's not the ideologue that most Rs are, he changed. If he hadn't, he probably wouldn't have won re-election.

    Most voters really don't care what party the person belongs to, as long as he/she LISTENS TO THEM. It also helps if they actually get some things done, specifically things that the ELECTORATE want. Those aren't always things the party bigwigs want, or what the big donors want.

    Ahnold started doing the things the neo-cons wanted, and his numbers were tanking BIG TIME. NOBODY liked him, and he knew it.

    Unlike most Rs though, Ahnold learns from his mistakes, and changes. Remember too - he wasn't born here, and IMHO he has a totally different take on the function of govt.

    I think he told his handlers to take a long walk off a short pier, and started doing what HE thought was right. He didn't need them - he can't be Pres, and the way he was going he wouldn't have been able to be elected dogcatcher.

    •  I wish I shared (0+ / 0-)

      ... your benign view of Ahnold. The way I see him, his package of stupid conservative initiatives, all of which failed, show who he really is. Now he's onto a "moderate centrist" image make-over, but I don't trust him a bit. His health care plan is a fraud. His huge bond issue (which the voters did pass) spends virtually all future discretionary funds for 20 years or so on things like freeways, at a time when we need to be moving away from our dependence on cars. And what the heck was he discussing with Enron just as the CA "energy crisis" was about to hit?

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