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  •  I think some conservatives are recollecting (6+ / 0-)

    their own college experiences. I agree that students should not be faulted for political reasons, however, they ARE expected to USE  A LOGICAL TRAIN OF THOUGHT and CITE REAL REFERENCES that support their conclusions.

    THIS is the real problem that conservatives have. They already know everything, which is why learning anything new is so cumbersome to them. THEY **BEGIN** with the premise that what they "think" 'must be right', then find so-called "evidence" to support their already preconceived notions.

    In the scientific method, FIRST we form a hypothesis, gather evidence, then test the hypothesis.  The evidence comes BEFORE the conclusions.

    I suppose there are some smart conservatives that actually use logic, and I would guess that they do well in college. But many of them fall in the above category.

    If they make a lousy grade, it is because their logic was lousy, their "facts" unsupported by the primary literature, their "conclusions" not stemming logically from the evidence.

    Anyway, colleges and universities range from Pat Robertson University to the University of Texas. Everything from small liberal arts colleges to huge universities. Everything from Berkeley on the left to Bob Jones on the right. And everything in between.

    The right needs to quit whining. Pick a new college if you don't like your old one.  There are thousands to choose from.

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