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  •  oh Christ, I want to SCREAM. (3+ / 0-)
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    lysias, JEB, lgmcp

    Every time I see one of these stories I want to scream and put my fist through the wall.

    This Regime is destroying our very best, our bravest, our most loyal and dedicated, the very people we would have to count on to save everything that matters to us in the event of real danger.  General Schoomaker said "we are at risk of breaking the active component."  That's traditionally-understated military language for "Dammit, you people are destroying America's armed forces!"  And in the event of a truly urgent threat, we will be less able to defend ourselves, because the very best men and women America has to offer, will have been shredded in this evil carnival of insanity.

    It's as if the Mayor of a major city decided to have a smash-up derby with all of his city's police cars, fire engines, ambulances, sanitation trucks, and water department trucks, and left the drivers to die in the wreckage.  Then when robberies and murders were committed, when shops and houses and schools burned, when people were injured or critically ill, when garbage piles swarmed with rats, and when the water became unsafe to drink, there would be no one left to call for help.  

    Where would that leave us?

    What nightmare is Bush leaving to his successors?

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