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View Diary: Note to Congress: Hear from the Small Fish Who've Had Their Careers Destroyed by Bush (185 comments)

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    •  You wrote a great, lucid summary of all this (1+ / 0-)
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      Jesselyn Radack

      I find that, a lot of the times, when people are making claims about conspiracy theories here, I just have no idea what the allegations really are because the writing is so foggy.


      It makes sense that Waxman would go slow on something like this, because, usually, when people are saying these sorts of things, it's pretty clear that they have a lot of serious health problems. On the other hand, even if you're paranoid, it could be that someone is out to get you, and Edmonds might be absolutely right about what she's saying.

      If these allegations are true: it could be that Israel and Turkey were selling all sorts of terrible stuff to Pakistan pre-9/11 but are not crazy enough to sell WMD technology to Pakistan today. And, even if it could be that that AIPAC arms merchants seem to be arming Al Qaeda with nuclear weapons, maybe the arms merchants are double or treble agents who've been running some sort of sting operation.

      If these allegations are true and the "deep states" are still really truly doing the stuff described in your comment: I think what Americans, decent Turkish people, decent Israels, and Americans who respect decent Turkish people and decent Israelis have to keep in mind is that there are crooks in every society, and that the real battle is never between Israelis and Palestinians, or Americans and Iranians, or Americans and Iraqis, but between the creeps and the decent people.

      If some people in AIPAC are selling nuclear technology to Al Qaeda or North Korea, then, obviously, it's in the interest of everyone who loves Israel -- including AIPAC supporters who might have what we perceive to be crazy/evil views but are not out to sell nuclear technology to Pakistan -- to root out the disease of corruption.

      Along the same lines, if there's a deep state in Turkey that's running the world's narcotics trade, that doesn't mean "Turkey is bad." It means some rotten no good people in Turkey happen to be bad and have to be stopped, both for the good for the world and the good of Turkey.

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