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View Diary: Note to Congress: Hear from the Small Fish Who've Had Their Careers Destroyed by Bush (185 comments)

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  •  It's Not a Contest (3+ / 0-)

    over who carries the American Express Gold Card of victimization, retaliation and harassment by this government.  Our stories are all different and we have all dealt with hardships no one should have to endure--especially when orchestrated by the Executive Branch.

    •  Amen. It's a terrible experience for all. (2+ / 0-)

      Actually, it's probably harder to blow the whistle on "smaller" things, because it's unlikely one will ever have the closure that comes with a newspaper or Congressional commitee investigating and saying, "you were right!"

      There are many people in this administration who did the right thing, were threatened with reprisal, and simply walked away, saying nothing to anyone but their families.  How does one measure courage like that? I wouldn't even try.

      To all those nameless patriots who just do the right thing, as well as to Jess, Sibel and others whose names we've come to know well, thank you.

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