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View Diary: Note to Congress: Hear from the Small Fish Who've Had Their Careers Destroyed by Bush (185 comments)

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    Silence is Complicity, fisheye

    That'll teach 'em to restrict his correspondence to his constituents.

    I'm thinking of Monday morning in Waxman's office...

    Staffer 1: Whiskey Tengo Foxtrot!
    Staffer 2: What's the matter?
    Staffer 1: We got 2000 emails over the weekend.
    Chief of Staff: Say what?
    Staffer 1: 2000 email.
    Chief of Staff: ...
    Staffer 3: All from constituents?
    Staffer 1: Well, they've got the zip codes.
    Staffer 2: Oh wow. They sound angy.
    Staffer 3: Determined.
    Staffer 1: "Subpoena everyone... investigate immediately... impeach..."
    Staffer 3: This guy's listed every Bush appointee in DC and questions to ask.
    Chief of Staff: I'll call the Congressman. You bastards find out what they want. Wake up the interns and get them down here.
    Staffer 1: This one's in iambic pentameter.
    Staffer 3: Shut up, dude.
    Chief of Staff: NOW PEOPLE! MOVE!

    [Commence general pandamonium]

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