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View Diary: St. Paddy's Parade Turns Ugly in Colorado Springs (448 comments)

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    the catholic church where i live was pushing the vote for bush, hard. For the abortion crusade.  Finally at some point a lay woman and someone in our democratic party also involved heavily in the church spoke out.
     This reminds me of a St.Patty's parade in southie years ago in the nineties. The year the gay people joined the parade.  Bottles were thrown, verbal assaults etc.
    I watched it from inside the goodwill store with my gay boss.  We didn't see much violence where we were but the drinking was pathetic, totally hammered kids.
     This could have been started by operatives, but it is very sad no one came to their defense.  Speaks legions about the fundy's.  

    democracy is not a spectator sport...

    by zenobia on Tue Mar 20, 2007 at 12:20:03 AM PDT

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