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  •  superb post, kagro (5+ / 0-)

    Realize that the resolution of this stand-off will determine the extent to which the Congress is able to investigate everything that's still on their plate. If they lose this showdown, they lose their leverage in investigating NSA spying, the DeLay/Abramoff-financed Texas redistricting, Cheney's Energy Task Force, the political manipulation of science, the Plame outing... everything.

    This is it. The Dems have to fight now. With all the powder they've been keeping dry for the past umpteen years, they should be sufficiently armed to fight both in Congress and in the courts. I'd hope the House can be made sufficiently rowdy enough to dust off "inherent contempt," even as the more traditional sort of contempt winds its way through the minefield of BushCo justices scattered throughout the judiciary.

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