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  •  Well that's tremendously optimistic... (6+ / 0-)

    I don't see why people are depressed by this.   I think we are headed for a constitutional crisis and it will force Congress to act.... either to try lesser officials, or to decide that the rot begins at the top and try Bush.

    Either way I have an optimistic feeling that we may have witnessed the beginning of the end today...

    This is the most hopeful I've been for impeachment in a  long time.

    I think that even this cowardly Congress may be backing itself into a position where it won't be able to tolerate the way Bush is treating it.

    Pelosi took impeachment off the table.... but with each resisted subpoena, Congress will feel not only insulted, but more powerless, and may fight back.

    Can't you just feel the resonances of Watergate... partial releases of documents... assertions of executive privilege.  Senators saying "what are they hiding?"

    Ah what fond memories of my youth.  I will sleep happier tonight.

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