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  •  The Political Game (5+ / 0-)

    The Political Game is to placate the 30% hard core republicans, the kool-aid drinkers, and make them stick with the president on the war and other issues because it's an "us" vs. "them" (infidels, democrats, secular humanists etc) mentality.

    Let them play it. Some kool aid drinkers (republican evangelicals) may actually peel off that 30%, some other normally republican voters will peel off and the republican "brand" will become more of a fringe brand. Their 30% - 40% calculation will drop into the mid 20's.

    The theme for democrats can now be that "no man can be above the law", including the President and his political henchmen.

    This president sought to corrupt the judicial system with juddges, prosecutors and even Supreme Court justices that not only had to be "republican" but also had to republican enough to be corrupt the way Karl Rove wanted them to be.

    We need to run on "checks and balances" and "restoring the constitution".

    Let's argue that "strict constructionist" judges should not find "executive privilege" in the constitution. (of course the Bush appointed creeps will find it just as they ignored the concept of states rights in interpreting their own voting laws in Bush v Gore in 2000)

    Always compare it to Nixon and Watergate and start using the term "criminals" hiding something and "covering up" when discussing all national republicans involved in this or supporting this with votes in congress.  

    Bush has declared war on the constitution and therefore war on America.  

    (Why do Republicans hate America?)        

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