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    It may be they have already thought that all the way through.  you have to think they have given how much the whole "unitary presidency" BS is core to how they work.  So if they have thought it through and they recognize that Republicans will not always be in power (as history suggests) then why would they do it?  Maybe the answer is that something is intended to cause a defiance of the historical trends (that power shifts, pendulums swing).  Maybe its that they see the writing but will choose to ignore it.  I don't know how but then I never imagined putting people in prison without ever charging them with a crime, raising false terror alerts to stoke fear and sway opinion, keeping people in the military in perpetuity (gotta love what they did to the try-one's), approving and even conducting torture, etc etc.  This is not the America I was brought up to love.  We have entered some twisted world where the rules have changed.  This is what Hitler's Germany was like in the early days (minus a holocaust and a little more light of day granted by a 24 hour news cycle) and the people not seeing that is also in line with that relation.

    Terrorists win by bleeding us dry...of our finances. Stop being scared.

    by jrflorida on Tue Mar 20, 2007 at 08:47:44 PM PDT

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